If you are looking for reassurance that the air in your workplace, home, or general environment is acceptable to breathe, 国产偷拍自拍’s asbestos air testing and four stage clearance can provide you with peace of mind.

Asbestos air testing or 4 stage clearance certification may be required if you are undergoing asbestos removal or remediation. Legislation and guidance require you to obtain an air test certificate, certificate of reoccupation or a statement of cleanliness to demonstrate if an area is once again suitable for reoccupation. 

Our goal is to help you achieve asbestos management compliance, prevent exposure to asbestos, and avoid the emotional consequences and severe risks associated with exposure. 


Asbestos air testing types

Background asbestos air testing

This is generally conducted when you require evidence (or a check) that fiber levels in the air are below the recommended level. Most commonly this is carried out to establish fiber concentrations before any activity which may lead to airborne asbestos contamination. It can also be used as part of an overall monitoring strategy to manage asbestos-related risks.

Personal asbestos air testing

This form of air testing is used in order to evaluate asbestos exposure to your employees and is required in accordance with the . It can be used in the following circumstances:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your asbestos control measures being utilized during asbestos works;
  • To assess whether the control limit is exceeded so that you can select the appropriate RPE to be used;
  • To assess that the RPE you plan to use is adequate and will provide you with the correct level of protection;
  • Provide information in relation to asbestos exposure for your medical surveillance records;
  • Provide important risk assessment details to support your current and future asbestos works.

Leak asbestos air testing

This form of air testing is used to measure the airborne fiber concentration outside a live asbestos removal enclosure at your premises in order to determine whether the integrity of the enclosure is being maintained and that the control measures are adequate. Leakage air testing is used to support an initial smoke test and the frequent thorough visual inspections of an enclosure during removal work.

Reassurance asbestos air testing

This is carried out to measure airborne fiber concentration following asbestos removal works to confirm that the residual asbestos fiber concentrations are <0.01 f/cm3.


Four stage clearance inspection

Following the completion of licensed asbestos remedial works under fully enclosed conditions, a four stage clearance procedure will need to be undertaken. The four stages are listed below:

  1. Stage One - A preliminary check of the site condition and job completeness
  2. Stage Two – A thorough visual inspection of the enclosure/work area
  3. Stage Three – Clearance air monitoring
  4. Stage Four – Final assessment post enclosure/work area dismantling.

Once completed a four stage clearance certificate will be issued which will include a certificate of reoccupation that will state if the work are is safe for reoccupation. 


The 国产偷拍自拍 advantage

Working in an UKAS accredited laboratory, our experts strive every day to get faster, more precise results that are right the first time. Our engaged experts convey all our asbestos advice in line with national legislation under CAR 2012 and testing services are delivered in accordance with for sampling, analysis and clearance procedures” and are UKAS accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025.

We are dedicated to providing complete management solutions through asbestos project management, asbestos testing, and asbestos advisory services.

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