Ensuring the quality of fuels and lubricants is a key element to prevent failures and to avoid system or production downtime.

国产偷拍自拍 offers independent testing, analysis and technical investigations of fuels and lubricants for product quality controls and for system condition monitoring. Our laboratories have extensive capabilities ranging from routine tests to several specialized tests and technical investigations, along with decades of experience in this field. We help our customers to prevent failures and production downtime by offering extensive capabilities and expertise for testing of fuels and lubricants.

We hold several approvals and conduct over 200 test methods covering ISO, ASTM, DIN standards and MIL specifications, and more than 40 methods are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. These include viscosity, density, flashpoint, oxidation stability, sulphur content and freezing point.

Our fuels and lubricant testing experts provide advice and recommendations on sampling routines and sampling intervals, and by adding evaluation and analysis of results, 国产偷拍自拍 provides a 360º service. We also ensure that our customers can access their results when and where required via 24/7 online access.

    Our independence means peace of mind for you as our customer. The Quality Control helps you to ensure that the product meets its specifcations, and Condition Monitoring of in-service fuels and lubricants help you plan the maintenance to prevent failures and downtime.



    • Biofuel
    • Jet Fuel
    • Gasoline
    • Diesel Fuel
    • Aviation Gasoline


    • Motor Oil
    • Hydraulic Oil
    • Instrument Oil
    • Transmission Oil
    • Aviation Turbine Oil
    • Corrosion Preventive Oil


    • Lubricating Grease
    • Solid Film Lubricant
    • Corrosion Preventive Grease
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Gear boxes and transmissions
    • Gas turbine engines (aviation, marine)
    • Circulation systems(power generating turbines, industrial processes)
    • Combustion engines

    Quality Controls of Fuels & Lubricants

    Prevent costly machine downtime and failures by ensuring the quality of new or stored fuels and lubricants.


    Condition Monitoring by Oil Analysis

    Diagnosis of machinery condition to plan maintenance and prevent downtime.