Cone Calorimeter Testing

A guide to understanding the fire response and the smoke production of materials.聽

The Cone Calorimeter is currently the most advanced test method to assess how materials and products behave when exposed to a radiant heat insult.

In a laboratory setting, it makes it possible to evaluate the propensity of the materials under test to ignite, contribute to heat, produce smoke, or lose mass, which helps to make real-world predictions.

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The article provides detailed information on the Cone Calorimeter test to help you understand:

  • The principle behind oxygen consumption calorimetry
  • The test apparatus and the sample requirements
  • The advantages of the Cone Calorimeter over other flammability tests
  • The main standard test methods: ISO 5660-1, ASTM E1354, CAN/ULC-S135, AS/NZS 3837