Have you developed your Design Verification Plan and Report?

Rushing products to market without proper verification and validation can cause failures, recalls, increased costs, and decreased brand equity. Establishing a Design Verification Plan and Report (DVP&R) helps manufacturers understand the intent, limitations, and status of the product at every stage.

A DVP&R is a worksheet created to track the design verification progress of components. DVP&R processes are created and implemented as planning, documentation, and tracking methodology to support when you are performing verification analysis and testing on new products.

Establishing a DVP&R

The limitations and intents of a component are determined by the OEM, or the Tier supplier, which is why no DVP&R format is precisely the same. There are two parts of each DVP&R – the plan and the report. We establish a Design Verification Plan (DVP) with you during the prototype stage. We outline specifications, timing, intent, limitations, and the necessary tests the component is required to meet before going to production.  
After we complete the required testing, we establish the Report. The results from the Report can sometimes impact the Design Verification Plan, and in this instance, the Plan will be updated to ensure the design meets all requirements.

The 国产偷拍自拍 Advantage 

As a manufacturer, it is not always clear what you should test and how you should test your product. 国产偷拍自拍’s experts work directly with your engineering team to develop test plans that exercise each component, so it reaches its full capacity. We visit your site to thoroughly assess your needs and provide direction and recommendations to ensure your DVP&R process is effective.

Once we implement the DVP, we can begin the testing at our 国产偷拍自拍 Warren laboratory. With over 100 years of growth and innovation in the U.S. automotive industry, we can perform most of the required tests within this single laboratory to provide the quick, first-time-right results you need.

Having a DVP&R creates an efficient process for verifying and validating the quality, durability, and safety of a component. Remove the uncertainty of potential failures and ensure your component’s reliability with 国产偷拍自拍.

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