FAQ: What is a Noise Impact Assessment?

Stephen Wigham

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Stephen Wigham

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Stephen has over 20 years鈥 experience conducting air quality, noise and vibration assessments for large scale transportation, industrial, commercial, and residential developments.

We asked our environmental expert Stephen Wigham to answer the Frequently Asked Questions that he and his team receive each day regarding environmental noise assessments and environmental impact assessments.


What is a Noise Impact Assessment?

A noise impact assessment (NIA) predicts the impact that noise, from a proposed development, is likely to have on the surrounding area.

An NIA determines the existing level of noise (i.e. the baseline noise) at the proposed development; and predicts the level of impact that the new proposal has on this existing noise climate.


What is a BS4142 Noise Assessment?

BS4142 noise assessments are used for developments that are noise-sensitive, noise-generating, or both. BS4142 assessments form part of the planning or permitting process for industrial developments.

BS 4142:2014 +A1:2019 details methods to rate and assess sound from the following:

  • Industrial and manufacturing processes
  • Fixed installations (e.g. mechanical and electrical plant and equipment)
  • Loading and unloading of goods and materials at industrial and/or commercial premises
  • Mobile plants and vehicles that form an intrinsic part of the overall sound emanating from premises or processes (e.g. forklift trucks)


What is an Environmental Impact Assessment?

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool used to assess the significant effects of a project or development proposal on the environment.

EIA generally has six main stages:

  1. Screening
  2. Scoping
  3. Preparing the EIA Report
  4. Making an application and consultation
  5. Decision making
  6. Post-decision assessment work

An Environmental Assessment Impact report is written and submitted in support of an application for development consent.


How does Noise fit into an Environmental Impact Assessment?

A Noise Environmental Statement typically involves the following:

  • Assessment of existing environment (baseline)
  • Description of a proposed development
  • Likely environmental impacts of development assessed in relation to (a) impact on natural/physical environment i.e. marine; ornithology (b) impact on human environment i.e. recreational, residential receptor impact; loss of external amenity
  • Magnitude and significance of environmental impacts ranked
  • Mitigation (if required) assessed and residual impacts then reassessed


What is Air Dispersion Modelling Software?

Air dispersion modeling software can assess the air quality impacts of parameters such as NOx, NO2, particulates, SO2, and many more. By using state-of-the-art digital software such as US EPA ISC-AERMOD and ADMS, different scenarios can be modeled to determine the environmental impact at both human and ecological receptor locations.

Air Dispersion Modelling software allows users to simulate the effect on air quality when changing variables such as altering stack height, volumetric flow rates, and emission concentrations.


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