With hundreds of moving parts and thousands of pounds of cargo, passengers and equipment, conducting railroad failure analysis is critical to understanding root cause and preventing catastrophic disasters. Our dedicated rail testing experts work with you through every step of the process, helping you understand defects and failures before further damage occurs.

As the industry continues to progress with new demands and advancing technology, railroad failure analysis is an important part of developing new and better equipment and materials. From creating better ballast systems to improving the materials used in ties and track systems, the insights we gain from these investigations help us not only to provide you with valuable data about improving performance and processes, but also to advance the industry as a whole.

Performing Railroad Failure Analysis

With so many different components required for successful operation, railroad failure analysis can take many different forms. Our team of Engaged Experts are dedicated to the study of railroad equipment, maintenance and testing, and have the advanced industry knowledge required to reach informed, data-driven conclusions about your products.

While we are always open to custom and complex projects, we routinely provide railroad failure analysis services for major components and processes, including:

  • Wear and abrasion of track systems
  • Rail seat abrasion
  • Microscopic analysis of ballast and materials
  • Erosion characteristics
  • Pitting and contamination

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