Utilizing Mobile SIFT-MS Technology for Process Emissions Monitoring

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James Eldridge

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James Eldridge

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With almost 20 years of experience in the industrial emissions sector, James brings a high level of technical expertise to the team.

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Mark Perkins

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Senior Application Chemist with over 22 years of experience in Analytical Chemistry, focusing on the development of SIFT-MS applications.

Process Emissions Monitoring with 国产偷拍自拍 utilizes our ground-breaking transportable SIFT-MS instrument to deliver laboratory-quality measurements on-site. SIFT-MS offers real-time, low-level monitoring capabilities to pinpoint hazardous gas concentrations and enhance your site process optimization.


Why is process emissions monitoring with SIFT-MS an industry game changer?

We are the only environmental safety & compliance company (In the UK and Ireland) to offer mobile SIFT-MS technology that delivers laboratory quality monitoring directly to the site. Our highly sensitive emissions testing instrument, SIFT-MS, offers real-time, low-level emissions measurements for VOCs and inorganic gases across a wide range of industrial applications.

When partnered with your existing compliance monitoring, SIFT-MS puts you ahead of your emissions control curve.


What are the benefits of utilizing SIFT-MS for process emissions monitoring?

Fast, on-site testing

  • Efficient and accurate testing conducted from our mobile SIFT-MS vehicle.
  • Access to local engineers for convenient service delivery.

Real-time emissions monitoring

  • Instantaneous detection of environmental pollutants, including VOCs and inorganic compounds.
  • Monitoring of dynamic processes in real-time with high sensitivity across various concentration levels.

Emissions, ambient, and fence line monitoring

  • GPS pollution tracking for pinpointing problem areas.
  • Enhanced Environmental Impact Assessments through advanced VOC and harmful compound detection, quantification, and tracing.

High selectivity without compromising direct analysis

  • Rapid switching of up to eight reagent ions for high selectivity in real-time analysis.
  • Soft chemical ionization process ensures predictable product ions, maintaining both selectivity and sensitivity in VOCs and inorganic gases analysis.


Real-time insights allow for real-world decision making 

Without real-time monitoring capabilities, your industrial facility may struggle to detect and respond promptly to ongoing or emerging environmental concerns. Delayed detection of pollutants can result in environmental non-compliance issues, potential health risks for surrounding communities, and damage to the company's reputation. 

Using our transportable SIFT-MS instrument we offer our customers a breakthrough in the detection, quantification and tracing of VOC and other harmful compounds. Where previously you had to wait for traditional laboratory analytical results, our team work onsite with clients to capture the data that allows you to make informed process optimization decisions.


The challenge of identifying hotspots, source apportionment and problem areas

Industrial operations must navigate the complex task of identifying and mitigating pollution hotspots and problem areas. Source apportionment and the ability to 鈥榝ingerprint鈥 the source of pollution and therefore apportion the source of an emission can be a real benefit in different industrial applications. Without precise monitoring data and pollution tracking, it's challenging to pinpoint sources of emissions and implement targeted mitigation measures effectively. Moreover, impact to the surrounding environment and human health, and risks non-compliance with environmental and safety regulations can impede operations.

Our technology delivers full GPS pollution tracking to identify hotspot problem areas. We precisely locate hazardous gas concentrations either from a source emission (vent/duct), ambient air quality, or at the boundary of an industrial installation. 


Overcoming concerns about selectivity and accuracy

Direct analysis methods often raise concerns about the selectivity and accuracy of measurement results. Industrial operators require confidence that the monitoring technology used can accurately detect and quantify pollutants without compromising sensitivity or missing important compounds.

Our emissions monitoring enables instantaneous detection of environmental pollutants including VOCs, inorganic compounds, inorganic acid gases, odours and many more. SIFT-MS provides the ability to monitor dynamic processes in real-time for diverse compounds with high sensitivity across a wide concentration range (ppt, ppb and ppm).

The high selectivity in real-time comes from the rapid switching of up to eight reagent ions (H3O+, NO+, O2+, O-, O2-, OH-, NO2-, and NO3-) which react with analytes through a soft chemical ionization (CI) process and form predictable product ions.


Summary of findings

The game-changing aspect of utilizing SIFT-MS technology for process emissions monitoring is its ability to be driven on site and operated by one of 国产偷拍自拍's 50+ Safety & Environmental Compliance teams anywhere in the UK, Europe and Ireland.

SIFT-MS technology stands at the forefront of emissions monitoring instrumentation, revolutionizing industry standards with its real-time, laboratory-grade quantitative trace gas analysis. Users of this monitoring solution will gain advanced scientific insight to empower better decision-making and proactive risk mitigation.

The complexity of identifying pollution hotspots at large industrial sites is massively reduced with real-time analysis. This solution (being rolled out by 国产偷拍自拍 in 2024) will help maintain site compliance, identify potential health risks onsite and in the surrounding communities, and protect company's reputations.

For additional technical information, discover more . 

Speak with our team to learn more about how this solution will benefit your operations.

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