Toxic and nontoxic contaminants can negatively affect the performance of materials, products, paints and coatings. 国产偷拍自拍 offers contamination testing to help you characterize impurities, determine their source and prevent them from reoccurring.  

国产偷拍自拍’s contamination testing services are an important part of our comprehensive testing services. Whether the contamination is part of failure analysis, corrosion testing, or investigative chemistry projects, we can help. At 国产偷拍自拍, our chemists, engineers, biologists and scientists understand that contamination identification needs are unique, and our labs are ready to help with simple or complex matrices.

Contamination Testing Standards

Our experts can test to a range of national and international Contamination Test requirements, including: 

ASTM International - ASTM A380, ASTM B600, ASTM G93

General Motors Worldwide - GMW3259

International Standards Organization - ISO 16232, ISO 8501

RoHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive - CPSIA of 2008/CPSC


The 国产偷拍自拍 Advantage

Our state-of-the-art labs can identify the presence of metals and heavy metals, oils, foreign chemicals, low quality fillers and more in a variety of product and material types.  With dedicated experts in aerospace, oil and gas, transportation and general industrial sectors, we can assist with the most challenging projects across any discipline. 

In addition to contamination identification, we can also help ensure that products are free of contamination and meet relevant customer, government, internal, quality and/or safety standards.

For more information about how we can assist with your project, or to request a quote, contact us today.

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