Passivation is a chemical processing service in which metals are treated to inhibit surface corrosion. Our experts provide passivation testing services for materials and components to ensure that they are properly protected from the elements.听

Much like the natural oxidation of copper, passivation works by applying a layer of oxide to a material, protecting it from developing rust and other defects. An important part of metals processing, passivation helps extend the life and integrity of products across sectors.听

Our Passivation Services

国产偷拍自拍鈥檚 passivation services can ensure that metallic materials are properly treated to avoid corrosion and other defects. Our experts can perform services to a variety of different specifications, and have experience with aerospace, defense, automotive, oil and gas and other commercial applications.听

Our labs are equipped to provide a variety of chemical processing services, including passivation, on a range of metals and alloys. Our experts can help you decide which process is most beneficial for your materials, and can design a unique plan to best suit your needs.听

For more information about our passivation services, contact an expert today.听

American Metals Society

AMS-STD-753, AMS 2700, AMS-QQ-P-35

American Society for Testing & Materials

ASTM A380, ASTM A967, ASTM F1089

Military Standards

MIL-S-5002, MIL-STD-753

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